Saturday, December 26, 2009

Your engaged, now what?

Congratulations on your holiday engagment, 42% of couples get engaged during the holidays, if you are one of the lucky ones you are probably eager to start your wedding planning. It's never to early to book your vendors as the best ones usually fill their calenders quickly.
Planning your budget is the first place you should start, there are quite a few wedding budget planners online,
Martha Stewart budget breakdown., budget planning.
These are great tools as you go into finding your venue and making appointments with vendors.
Once the "finance part" of your planning is done, the fun begins! I encourage my brides to start with an inspiration board, tear out pictures you love from magazines, soon a pattern will emerge, styles and colors that you are drawn to will become apparent. Once again, there are countless websites to help you a great starting place is Style me Pretty, they have put together inspiration boards to get your creative juices flowing.
Each bride will have different priorities, for one the cake will be the centerpiece of her wedding, another bride loves wine so perhaps a greater portion of her budget will go to special vintages and for some brides, those dear to my heart, bridal flowers will be a priority so perhaps more of their budget will go there. Once you are on this path I like to come up with a phrase to describe your wedding; Modern winter, vintage country, clsasic city etc... this will help your vendors get a feel for the direction you would like to go.
For a more detailed explination of where your flower money goes, you can go to my pricing link, Flower pricing
The bouquet above is Blooms signature bouquet

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