Friday, June 11, 2010

The wedding planner.... me!

Jennifer Lopez made a gorgeous wedding planner along with her fabulous eye candy love intrest Matthew Mcconaughey, now I'm not saying I look anything like Jlo, besides the booty, but as I am going to be a wedding planner this weekend I couln't help comparing myself with Jlo, dark hair brown eyes in love with a blondie

I have been a bad blogger, but wow, it's gets tough to keep up during wedding season, with ordering flowers, designing flowers, delivering flowers, setting up the wedding design, whew!

This weekend, instead of floral designer I get to put on the wedding planner hat. A dear friend of mine owns a lovey estate, her friends daughter wanted to get married there, our other friend, my best friend, is a fabulous cook, so of course she offered to do all the food, can you see where this is going? They get knee deep in it and call me....HELP! So This week I have been knee deep in timelines and emails rather than flowers....

So next week, I hope to have some disks of recent weddings to share with you.
xoxoxo Martha

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