Monday, February 8, 2010

Capitola wedding at the Shawdowbrook Restaurant

Now the one thing you need to know about the Shawdowbrook restaurant is that it has the only operational tram in existence! Very cool, unless that is you are hauling down 10 trips worth of flowers, chandeliers, candles etc... o.k. it really is marvelous but quite the little workout.

The three flights of stairs you go down AFTER you have taken the tram.

Nicole and John's wedding was lots of fun as it brought together a few fabulous vendors from the Sacramento area, Jennifer from was the photograher,
Carissa with did a fabulous dessert bar and amazing cake that matched the invitation that was designed by stationary exdrordineree, Stephanie of You really need to go the the Memory Journalist blog to see what an amazing job Carrisa did in matching the cake to the paper!

Also along for the fun was Phil of I will post the video as soon as it comes out.

Now onto the flowers!

These are some of my all time favorite boutonieers.

The bridal party flowers were made up of chocolate orchids, hyacinth, muscari, roses, galax leaves, ping pong scabiosa. I used satin ribbon and then fresh emblelishments down the front.

The centerpieces were composed of thistle, roses, Hyacinth,succulents, ranuculus and spider mums.
The reception room had glass windows that look out to the flowing river. We hung mini chandeliers from the ceiling to add a candlelit glow when it got dark.

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Nic J said...

When you give your florist creative control, amazing things can happen! I couldn't have asked for a more fitting or more perfect representation of our style and fitting for the venue's style. I LOVED ALL THE DECOR!! Everyone continues to comment on how amazing the flowers were and (duh!!), I agree. Martha, your creativity never ceases to amaze me and I appreciate your trips up and down the stairs. I've got a nice bottle of red wine coming your way! You're the best!;0) -NS (aka NJ)