Friday, April 2, 2010

Anne & Arron @ River Highlands Ranch & Vineyard III

Today Anne and Aaron's ceremony details. For the outdoor ceremony I went with bright fall florals to add pops of color. Lots of details here, we started the aisle back on the lawn with poles filled with flowers and then added larger floral arrangments on the aisle proper.
Coming to the platform we brought in a large gate and fence to drape garland and Anne's favorite, a heart.

The aisle at High River Ranch is made up of flag stone and rock, it looks so beautiful and blends in with the natural setting of the wedding venue.
Close up of aisle flowers, zinnias, Mary golds, amaranths, berries made a lovely fall flower display.

River Highlands Ranch is such a gorgeous outdoor wedding location, the tall old oak trees, vast sky, pastoral views and a wonderful staff.
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Jennifer Galindo said...

Simply Amazing deco!!! i am new to blogspot :)