Monday, April 5, 2010

Anne & Arron @ River Highlands Ranch & Vineyard IV

Today we get to the end of Anne and Aaron's wedding, I just had to stretch this post out because I really love the wedding!
So many details, from the signs starting down the road, to a basket of bug repellent, just in case.
The venue, was elegant yet warm and welcoming.
The fabulous photography was by one of my all time favorites,

After the lovely outdoor ceremony, the guests made their way up the lawn toward the barn where they could mingle inside or out! Umbrellas were raised at the outdoor tables and candles lit inside.

Bug spray was out, just in case the bugs decided to come to the wedding.

We hung orchids on the inside of the umbrellas, it's all in the details.
I love the outdoor fire pit, we used these colorful bottles to add candles.

Once inside the barn, a comfy lounge awaited. I had custom pillows made to brighten up the room and placed colorful candles all around the room.

After an hour, the large inside barn doors were open to reveal the dinner portion of the evening. The barn has several large barn doors letting the outside in, the guests were able to enjoy the lovely evening and their beautiful surroundings.
We created a series of tall and medium centerpieces on rod iron stands with candles, then placed a moss runner the whole length of the table with votive candles and pillar candles.

The table extended outside with the bride and groom at the end acting as hosts.
Bride and groom garlands.

Dancing the night away.

I wish all the best to Anne and Aaron!

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Lil said...

I´m very new on your blog. Your arrangements are so fantastically !

If Anne and Aaron keep their love as carefully, creative, beautiful, respectfully as you did with the arrangement of their wedding, their love will last very long :-))

Greetings from Cologne