Monday, May 17, 2010

The color pink or how to do pink at your wedding

Every now and then I like to feature a color, today I bring you pink! yes, after almost 30 years as wedding floral designer I still LOVE pink!
Weddings are constantley evolving yes tradition remains, but in many ways we can make up the rules as we go. There are so many choices today!
Let's start with the ring, if you love pink why not go with a pink saphire? Look how gorgeous this one from Tiffany's

The first thing most brides do once they have the ring is to shop for THE dress. Yes everyone expects a bride in white but did you know that until Queen Victoria's wedding in 1840, brides wore color? Victoria choose a white dress and it started a trend that hasn't stopped! But that doesn't mean you can't go back to choosing your favorite color.
I love Gwen Stefani's gown.

Of course there are an abundant choice of flowers in pinks, here are a few bridal bouquets made by Blooms to get your creative juices flowing.

Blooms signature chandelier bridal bouquet made with real crystals.

For the princess bride, roses and rhinestones grace her bridal bouquet.

Peonies and astilbie make a great bridal bouquet for a garden wedding.

Lets talk bridesmaids dresses I love these from Vera Wang and Thread

Bright pink by Thread, one of my favorite bridal designers.

Another way to bring on the pink is your linens, why go white when you can go bright?
Take a look at some of my favorites from La Tavola

My favorite soft pink, I like to call it ballerina pink.

Fun and flirty polka dots for a country wedding.

Love the fuchsia tuck.

What could be better than pink sequins for the glamorous Sex in the City bride?

Then to set on these gorgeous linens? You need centerpieces! Here are a few from Blooms.

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