Monday, March 29, 2010

Anne & Arron @ River Highlands Ranch & Vineyard

I am so excited about todays post, so excited that I'm going to post it all week!
Anne and Aaron were married at the in Smartville California.
The wonderful, amazing, fabulous was their photographer.
I met with Anne almost a year before the wedding. We came up with a design plan. Then, just 6 weeks before the wedding we did a walk through of the property and changed the whole thing! Weddings are such a process, I do love how it all turned out.
River Highlands Ranch sits in the middle of 500 acres. To help lead the way we created a series of moss hearts to help lead the way, the largeset of the hearts was set out on the main road.

We hung moss hearts with Anne and Aaron's initials on the main gate leading to the ranch.

We put these little picket fence signs down the road leading to the barn, we even wrote a corney poem!

Almost there.

The beautiful barn

Love, love, love the barn doors!

When you get married at River Highland Ranch, you can spend your wedding night in the darling cabin. It sits in front of a creek and pond and even has a rope swing if you want to dive in!

The creek and pond in front of the cabin.

Aaron getting ready in the cabin

Meanwhile Anne was getting ready upstairs in the barn.

Love what Tanja did with these old tanks and LOVE that Anne would climb up the tank in her dress, before the wedding!

Love the woodsy feel
Aaron and Anne in front of the barn.
Stay tuned, tomorrow I will feature the ceremony!
If you like Tanja's work, you HAVE to click this link to the shoot that made me fall in love with her.

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