Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blue wedding

When you start to plan your wedding you hear alot about the years color trend, and yes designers do predict and plan for certain trends, but when it comes to your wedding, I say go with what you love!
Today I am featuring blue.

Start with a gorgeous blue saphire ring, from www.tiffany.com Then select your bridesmaids dresses, I love these from Anthropologie http://www.anthropologie.com/

Or from another favorite designer, Thread bridal.threaddesign.com
Add blue to your tables with fabulous linens, these are from La Tavola latavolalinen.com

Pretty blue vases and bottles;

One of my favorite flowers, Veronica

Old fashioned bachelor button otherwise known as the corn flower.

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Delphiniumn


agreat said...

I love the blue flowers. It’s a gorgeous wedding theme the sapphire ring really brought my attention.
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angel said...

Aw! It’s so beautiful. I love the color, very pretty!
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