Friday, March 12, 2010

Life as a floral designer

For those of use in the wedding business, weekends are sort of a funny thing, we look forward to them, but not in the same way most "working" folks do. Rather than making plans to mow the lawn, (though it really needs to be done) or go wine tasting, most weekends are spend in a flurry of hurry as we race around like mad to produce someones very special day.
This weekend, I don't have a wedding, by choice, (I'm trying really hard to not schedule like a maniac so that I don't end up a lunatic at the end of wedding season being hauled away to the asylum) I sit in my cozy home with a fire on, sipping coffee thinking about all I am going to get done, pulling weeds, putting the dozen new lanterns I bought for a wedding in October up in my storage, cleaning out the cars, preping my flower room etc...
The crazy thing is, come Monday I go into a different world, I'm heading out of town to meet with a wedding pro I admire, then, on Wednesday heading back into wedding whirlwind as I design 2 weddings for the weekend, where no weeds will be pulled, the cars will get messy and my workroom? It will look like a bomb went off by the time I head out on deliveries...but for now, I don't have to worry about any of it, just soak in the quite of a weekend morning with nowhere to be and no deadlines to meet.
I hope you get to enjoy your weekend and find sometime to just be.

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