Friday, January 28, 2011

Organic herbal bridal bouquet

We all know there is a huge trend toward eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products, and the wedding industry is no exception. Most people are putting their money where there mouth is and are fully embracing a lifestyle that will be better for our planet. So when I bride starts looking for a florist it is becoming more common that she wants to know where her flowers are coming from.

Thankfully Blooms is located in a place that allows for purchasing many of our flowers right from the grower, or even using flowers and greens that we grow ourselves. Being in the central valley of California, farmers markets are everywhere and having our workshop in the country, we are near many local growers of flowers, vegetables and herbs.

The bouquet shown was made up of herbs grown by Blooms just for putting in bouquets, oregano, sage, rosemary and kale. The flowers featured are roses, bouvardia and celosia.

Another wonderful thing about using locally grown flowers is you actually have fragrance. Many wholesale grown flowers have been so genetically altered that the fragrance is diminished or gone altogether.
Photo by Paul Estebrook for Our Weddings Magazine

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