Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flower girls

Anyone who know me knows I love children, I should, I have 7! One of the best parts of a wedding are the children involved especially the little girls. I was one of those girls who had her wedding planned by the time I was 3. I still remember how it felt to play dress up and dream of being a princess. I think that's why a flower wand is my favorite choice for flower girl accessories. What better way to "play" princess than to get to be in a wedding, walk down the aisle all dressed up in a spinney dress carrying a flower wand.

I also love making little baskets or purses out of flowers for the flower girl to carry. This way she has a floral bouquet of sorts, but can still toss petals.
Photos by
Tanja Lippert Photography
Anne Andrews Photography
Bonneau Photography
Alexandra Frankel Photography
Silva Stills and Cinemea Sacramento CA

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The Garden Path Flower Shop said...

These are adorable! One of our weddings last summer had 4 flower girls and each carried something different. The 2-year-olds carried a magic wand and a kissing ball. The four-year-olds scattered flower petals from a basket and blew bubbles from a bubble bottle and wand bedecked with flowers. Very cute and creative.