Monday, August 29, 2011

Wedding at Hans Fahden Winery Calistoga California

We set up a draped structure to define the ceremony area

Along with white organza draping we strung hundreds of orchids from the ceremony structure.
We also created swirling petal aisle for the bride to walk on to meet the groom.

Floating candles with submerged orchids adorned the cocktail tables.

The bride and each bridesmaid carried a different variety of orchids. The bride carried purple phalaenopsis orchid. Then the bridesmaids carried cymbidium orchids and dendrobium orchids.

The head table for the bride and groom in the wine cave. Wall candles draped in floral garland.

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Soportales 8 said...

Wow! That impressive bouquet! Beautiful! Nice photo essay ... I like the decoration, good job!
Greetings :-)